Salvelinus Cares for the Future

Conservation for a Better World

Since its origins, Salvelinus has spearheaded a strong effort to preserve the wilderness in the Spanish Pyrenees, protecting the scenic vistas, crystalline waters, vast landscapes, and historical sites. Salvelinus has always aimed to ensure resources are not damaged in any way by fishing or tourism pressure, and in 1999, it became the first European fishing lodge to implement mandatory catch and release in all its programs. For the last 20 years, Salvelinus has pushed for local cooperation encouraging quality tourism as a basis for rural development and sustainability.

Salvelinus dedicates 10% of its benefits to river conservation

10% for Nature grants resources for water quality studies, cleanups, and rural surveillance to protect waters and spawning grounds from both poaching and spills.

Water Quality

Salvelinus finds it critical to know the status of water-quality conditions and how they have been changing over time.


Salvelinus works with volunteers and professional rural guards to monitor natural resources and inform recovery planning and policy.


Salvelinus regularly hosts cleanups to target the chronic trash found at access points to all Pyrenean waters.


Through its fly fishing school and tourism activities, Salvelinus is invested in raising awareness about the importance of preserving natural resources.

The more travelers embrace quality ecotourism, the more economic resources are available to educate, protect, restore, and sustain natural resources.

Learning the Value of Conservation

At the Zebra Trout Fly Fishing School, Salvelinus not only teaches anglers of all ages the secrets of the craft but helps them understand and appreciate aquatic ecosystems, learn how to conserve natural resources, and study the behavior of native species in the wild. Salvelinus’ fishing and conservation camp draws a distinct commitment to the future of fly fishing, native species, and local ecosystems.

Habitat Protection Grants Quality Fly-Fishing

The Spanish Pyrenees count on 491 km (305 mi) of public land that provides some of the best-remaining wildlife habitats in Europe. The area represents some of our last strongholds for wild and native Zebra Trout and other local species as well as pristine water sources. There is a clear correlation between protected areas and robust populations of fish and wildlife. Because of this, Salvelinus works hard to preserve natural resources granting quality fly-fishing in some of the most scenic landscapes on earth.

Restoring Natural Resources Makes Fly-Fishing Better

Salvelinus partners with municipal authorities, local communities, and anglers to restore littered trout streams to their former greatness. Making trout streams healthy again is a Salvelinus hallmark and a responsibility all its guests take seriously. Not only do Salvelinus rebuild fly-fishing habitats, but by doing so, they improve fly-fishing in the Spanish Pyrenees, for this generation and those to come.

Sustainable Rural Development with a Cooperative Mindset

Protecting and restoring local resources encourages recreation, connects the community to nature, and creates a sustainable economic engine for the region. Salvelinus works with local communities in all its programs to positively impact the areas where it operates. Working exclusively with local staff in providing accommodation, meals, guiding services, and transportation, Salvelinus supports not only local economies and economic growth but also encourages youngsters to settle in their native rural areas.

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Salvelinus helps local communities to discover their own local treasures and embrace an economy that celebrates and sustains their traditional livelihood. If the environment is protected, water is clean, and wild trout populations are healthy, it benefits everyone.

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