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Delve into the Spanish Pyrenees from the air

The Pyrenees mountains straddle the border between Spain and France covering an area of over 20,000 square miles which do not mean the same until you have witnessed them from a great height. Discover trout’s wildest shelters surrounded by breathtaking scenery, and for those in search of a dream, Salvelinus reaches into the most remote areas of the Pyrenees. Hop on!

Indulge the impulse to rise above it all

Salvelinus is the pioneer organizer of heli-fishing and heli-tailored activities in remote alpine lakes and creeks of Spain since 1999. Experienced pilots and highly qualified guides have explored the Pyrenees for years to select the most singular and breathtaking spots.

Lifetime Experience

All nature lovers should feel the magnitude and power of the Pyrenees. You will be proud to witness beauty as inspiring as overwhelming.

Reach Infinity

Salvelinus takes you into the most remote areas of the Spanish Pyrenees. Treat yourself to a flightseeing tour that perfectly showcases the mountains’ beauty.

Total Safety

Salvelinus guides work with permanent Iridium satellite coverage. As a reliable, safety-conscious company, Salvelinus follows all safety procedures to the letter.

Different Perspective

The beauty of the Spanish Pyrenees demands a view from above, so climb aboard one of Salvelinus’ helicopter rides for an unforgettable experience.


A flight-seeing tour passing gorges and rolling green hills framed by the crystal clear waters of the Pyrenees’ rivers where you will find yourself as a modern-day explorer.

Experienced Team

Experienced pilots and highly qualified guides with decades of experience will fly you over the alpine terrain, providing an up-close look at the 3,304 m (11,168 ft) Pyrenees mountains.

Elite Pyrenees

by Iván Tarín

Salvelinus offers a cutting-edge way of approaching luxury tailored experiences in secret Spain. Private adventures beyond your imagination venturing into the most secluded locations of the Pyrenees. Grasp the scale of Spain’s big skies, gastronomy, wildlife, and ancient heritage on an exclusive overland tour. A tailored high-end journey matching your personal taste, preferences, style, and wishes. Let Salvelinus create an unforgettable lifetime adventure for your eyes only.


*Restricted information, for further details contact Salvelinus’ elite agent.

Get a new perspective of the Pyrenees with a scenic aerial adventure

Take off with Salvelinus, and you will feel the powerful embrace of untamed nature. Soar high over rolling alpine meadows and admire mighty rivers meandering through the countryside while you soak on the beauty of the Spanish Pyrenees.

I would say it one was experiencing the incredible beauty of flying into a mountain lake and our being the only people, my husband, me and your guide, a true nature experience that is hard to find in our busy world.

Marcy OsterkampCalifornia, USA

The opportunity to watch a succession of hungry tout accelerate four to ten feet to viciously capture a dry fly with repeated surface explosions was well worth the relatively modest price of the adventure when compared to other countries heli-fishing costs.

Jim HollandWashington, USA

I had a fabulous experience heli-fishing in the Pyrenees. We were able to sight fish one of the most incredible scenarios I'd ever seen and to catch many fish.

Miguel PeredaMadrid Spain

Create your own heli-experience

Salvelinus puts all the unreachable spots of the Pyrenees within reach. Fly over the sunny side of the Pyrenees and discover valleys, high mountain lakes, ancient architecture, old villages standing in history, and the untamed nature that await you.