Discover the Pyrenees with Iván Tarín

Fly Fishing with Iván Tarín

Guiding, at its essence, is a selfless endeavor, geared to the happiness and success of the guest. But for Iván, the rush is finding the perfect spot, being on the water, and figuring out the puzzle of wind, clouds, fish, while encouraging the angler’s ability. The climax, that final piece, is hooking and landing the targeted fish. He cannot live without that rush.

“I’ve fished in many places, but in the Pyrenees, a peaceful serenity takes possession of your soul. There’s nothing like fly fishing in the beauty of this unique place.”


Master Fly Fishing Instructor Iván Tarín has over thirty years of fly fishing experience, having started in the sport when he was only ten years old on the waters of Highlands of Aragon, near his holiday home, Jaca.

As an avid fly fisherman who does not believe in limiting oneself to just one type of fly-fishing, he self-taught how to use dries, nymphs, and streamers in pursuit of all freshwater species available in the Pyrenees.

Guided by a recurrent dream where every night he found a secret spot filled with trout, Iván turned a lifetime passion into his profession, becoming the first full-time Fly Fishing Guide and Instructor in Spain back in 1999. Since then, he has grown into a fly fishing reference of his generation, having coached over 500 national and international fly fishers and more than 20 Fly Fishing Guides from Europe, the US, Chile, and Argentina.

His drive for pursuing and catching fish is rivaled only by his enthusiasm for teaching others the sport he holds so dearly as head of the Zebra Trout Fly Fishing School. As much as he loves guiding the seasoned angler into big, wary fish, or helping fine-tune their techniques, he equally enjoys teaching new fly fishers the pleasure of casting, reading the stream, and entomology.

There is always something to learn from Iván Tarín; his humble approach, charismatic devotion for the sport, and natural way to share a lifetime of knowledge in the easiest way possible are utterly inspiring. For Iván all efforts are worth it when pleasing those who choose Salvelinus as he strives to make each day on the water an unforgettable experience.

The Iván Tarín's Experience

Iván is undoubtedly the top connoisseurs of the most hidden corners of the Pyrenees, and his knowledge is matched by his passion and enthusiasm to continue exploring and sharing them with his guests. His innate will for discovering places where others cannot reach as well as his craving for adventure to unveil unique destinations have pushed Iván to scout not only the Pyrenees but also much of Patagonia in Chile and Argentina over 15 southern hemisphere seasons, always in search of unaltered ecosystems, pure waters inhabited by his favorite species, the trout.

Hosted Trips by Iván Tarín

Every year Iván Tarín personally organizes a series of customized, handpicked adventures aimed to scout unexplored fly fishing waters for Salvelinus’ recurrent guests only. A unique way to enjoy a fantastic fishing adventure with a group of fellow anglers and a professional fly fisher who knows the area, the techniques, the requirements, and the overall operation. New hosted fly fishing trips are designed annually, if you have already discovered the Spanish Pyrenees with Salvelinus and are interested in the adventure of a lifetime, contact Iván Tarín.

Coyhaique Tour

Coyhaique area is located in the far Patagonian south of Chile. A fly fishing paradise for those keen on wild brown and rainbow trout where to find a wide range of waters in unbelievable natural surroundings.

The Last Frontier

A journey of exploration to waters where no other lodge operates. Fish with Iván Tarín in some of the most secluded waters of Patagonia, an area considered to be a natural jewel on its own with fishing spots located between Chile and Argentina.

The Ultimate Fly Fishing Pyrenees Tour

Having organized fly fishing trips in the Pyrenees for over 20 years, Salvelinus has consolidated the definitive made-to-measure adventure into The Ultimate Fly Fishing Pyrenees Tour, personally designed and head guided by Iván Tarín. The fly fishing crown jewel for any angler.

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