Salvelinus’ Team

A pioneer hospitality team in the Spanish Pyrenees

Salvelinus, an Orvis endorsed International Destination of the Year 2018, has been sharing northern Spain with their guests for over 20 years. When you book a made-to-measure trip with Salvelinus, a lifetime of experience is pressed into action. Salvelinus’ team strives to make your trip arrangements flawless, develop experiences impossible to match in any other destination and impart fly fishing knowledge that is informed, honest, and timely.


Salvelinus is known for treating customers like they are family

Despite the differences in their backgrounds, Salvelinus’ team shares a common love and respect for the territory. Their lifetime passion shaped their careers which are witness of the traditional Spanish way of life. They all are equally passionate about sharing their lifestyle with guests from all over the world.


Each team member has a distinct background that influences the way Salvelinus operates. Their joy in creating unique experiences reflects in the thorough satisfaction of Salvelinus’ guests.


Salvelinus’ team is prepared to satisfy every need. Salvelinus’ enthusiastic team lives each experience and each guided tour with the same excitement as if it was their first tour.


Salvelinus’ team is the centerpiece of Salvelinus. They portray the essence of northern Spain. Their dedication is what makes the experience of visiting the Pyrenees with Salvelinus a unique experience.

Iván T.

Founder of Salvelinus

Iván Tarín is the Founder and Director of Salvelinus. He has spent his life improving his fly fishing skills, and through his three-decade exploration, Iván has built a base of repeat guests that have allowed Salvelinus to become the unquestioned fly fishing reference in Europe.

“Salvelinus offers excellence because all of us are giving our best.”

Ramón L.

Fly Fishing Guide Emeritus

No remote Pyrenean corner escapes Ramón Leciñena, not only for being the first Fly Fishing Guide in the Spanish Pyrenees but for his noble and courteous character and will to help others. Ramón started fly fishing in the 70s, and although he is currently retired, in his spare time he mentors Salvelinus’ guides.

“It’s like being part of a group of friends, we share objectives and experiences.”

Aleix M.

Head Guide

Aleix grew up in the Pyrenean rivers where he has been fishing for over 40 years. He has worked as a Fly Fishing Guide in Patagonia as well as in the Pyrenees specializing in high and middle mountain waters and lakes. Aleix loves classic flies although sometimes he plays with innovative fly tying.

“Fly fishing with Salvelinus is the culmination to my fly fishing career. It can’t get any better.”

Alberto B.

Fly Fishing Guide

Alberto’s 30 years of fly fishing memories are filled with mountains, rivers, and sleepless nights waiting to see what fishing spot he was going to find. Being a fishing guide allows him to be a thousand fishers in one, multiplies options and learnings, because every day on the water, one learns something new.

“The first time Iván and I went fly fishing was in 1989, we’ve done it a million times, and it’s always different.”

Pierre A.

Fly Fishing Guide

Since childhood, Pierre has spent much of his time fishing in the hundreds of rivers that flow in the Pyrenees. Pierre thrives adapting to each fisherman without losing his fishing identity and finishing the day safely and happily, and with some good shots!

“Being part of Salvelinus is a dream come true where I live my dream-passion daily.”

Serge V.

Fly Fishing Guide

Serge approaches fly fishing as an observation of grace and quietness wrapped on a deep respect for nature and the fish. He is one of the first Fly Fishing Guides in the Pyrenees, and he loves sharing his 50-year passion for the Pyrenean mountains combining fly fishing, culture, and gastronomy.

“Sharing my knowledge empowers other fishers; you can see in their eyes they are better anglers.”

Terence A.

Fly Fishing Guide

Originally from Malaysia, Terrence started guiding in Malaysian salt waters before transitioning to fresh water. He loves working as a Fly Fishing Guide because it combines everything he likes, spending time in nature, the thrill of the catch, and help others improve their technique. He is also an excellent fly tyer!

“An active lifestyle, interacting with people, continuous learning, and fly fishing. Salvelinus has it all!”

Carlos E.

Fly Fishing Guide

Originally from the Pyrenees, Carlos started fly fishing with 7 years of age. He is an expert in fishing safety and minimizing risk, as he holistically understands the sport, considering the psychological, environmental, pedagogical, methodological, aspects of the sport.

“I would say we are an eclectic family. Incredible professionals and the kindest people.”

José Manuel T.

Fly Fishing Guide

José Manuel bought his first fly fishing rod almost thirty years ago and has not stopped fishing in the Pyrenean waters since then. He obtained his Fly Fishing Guide Certification from Gabriela Mistral University of Puerto Varas in Chile in 2004 while he worked as a Fly Fishing Guide in Patagonia.

“Besides from guiding, what I love the most is fly fishing with Iván.”

Salvelinus’ Team

World Class Guiding for over 20 Years

The Pyrenees is an exceptional destination for trout if you know where and when to go. Among all, Salvelinus’ guides are recognized for their hard work and in-depth local knowledge. They will put you on fish, help you improve your angling skills, and increase your fly fishing knowledge.

Some of Salvelinus’ guides are in their sixties, others are way younger, some have traveled the world over, others grew up in the Pyrenees and never thought about fishing elsewhere. All of them are unique and approach the art of guiding in different ways, always focusing on making the most of your holidays.

María José G.

Tour Guide

María José holds a Degree in English Philology. Born in Ribagorza, she began her career as a local guide in 2004. María is a real specialist in regional history and art as well as an avid heritage enthusiast. Currently, she focuses on guiding cultural, history, and wine tours for Salvelinus.

“Salvelinus adds value to my knowledge and my ancestors’ heritage.”

Judith M.

Tour Guide

Judith holds a Degree in Biology from the UB with a Postgraduate in Ecotourism. With over 15 years of experience as a Guide in the region of Ribagorza and Valle de Arán and 12 years working as an Interpretive Guide in National Parks, Judith is a recognized expert in flora and fauna of the Pyrenees.

“Nothing comforts me like exceeding our guests’ expectations.”

Ana Laura T.


Ana Laura is a Chiropractor trained in naturopathic medicine, anatomy and physiology, pharmacology, diet and nutrition, Bach Flower Remedies, massage therapies, foot reflexology, lymphatic drainage, aromatherapy, iridology, reiki, sports massage, gemmotherapy, and mindfulness.

“In Salvelinus, we all work together to give our best to our guests.”

Lur S.


Born in a small village of 10 inhabitants in the Pyrenees where she grew up surrounded by nature and where she still lives. Lur started practicing yoga when she was a child, and she has not stopped ever since. She has become one of the most praised yoga instructors in the Pyrenees.

“I love sharing in nature where nothing and everything is perfect.”

Marina C.

Customer Service

Marina holds a Degree in Tourism from the University of Zaragoza as well as a Master's Degree in Tourism Planning. With over 15 years of experience in travel management and customer service, Marina’s dedication transpires through her exceptional customer service.

"Crafting the best customer experience implies offering maximum safety."

Sergi G.

Heli Specialist

As head of hiking and heli-flyouts, Sergi is a world-renowned expert in the field with over 15 years of experience in heli adventures. Always focused on safety, Sergi delights guest through unforgettable experiences that enrich at once the body and soul.

"We love sharing our passion, the mountain, with Salvelinus’ guests."

David C.

MTB Professional

The versatile athlete and Drop Off Guinness World Record holder practices a fusion of different bike styles including trial, BMX, downhill, and freeride. David loves riding as much as possible while fusing different cycling styles surrounded by idyllic landscapes.

“On a bike, you will reach places that others will never see.”

Xavi B.

Kayak Instructor

Xavi is a pioneer kayaking in the Pyrenees. He started cruising local waters in 1999, and since then, he became an avid conservationist. If you want to paddle on the most recondite waters of the Pyrenees or just want to start kayaking with the right technique, Xavi and his team will help you.

“Working with Salvelinus is a constant challenge in search of excellence.”

Jordi B.

Wine Advisor

As a recognized wine expert, Jordi is always on the lookout for great wines and the stories behind them. He is an expert in Spanish wines with more than 20 years of experience. Jordi hosts most of Salvelinus’ wine tastings and is in charge of Salvelinus’ wine selection.

“When tasting a Spanish wine, one also learns its best-kept secrets.”

Salvelinus guides you where others do not reach

Having scouted the Pyrenees waters for over 30, Salvelinus access some of Europe's finest and most hidden fly fishing spots.

From fly fishing guides and excellent drivers to having an on-site sommelier who specializes in the wine region you are visiting, Salvelinus has Spain 100% dialed in.

Richard FrenchCEO Slipstream Angling WorldWide. Toronto, Canada

Iván and his team worked tirelessly to create an incredible experience for us: the service blew us away. We felt incredibly welcome from the start and really enjoyed spending time with Ivan and his guides.

Sam McLeodGo Fishing Worldwide UK. London, UK

Iván Tarín and his team are organized, personable and beyond competent at their craft. The guides technical abilities, pace and instruction were uniformly superb. Everything runs on time and is impeccably coordinated.

Dan MichelsCEO Alaska Crystal Creek Lodge. AK, USA

You will enjoy each day as if it was the first one

Salvelinus’ team will bend over backwards to provide a multitude of opportunities to experience the best fly fishing in the Pyrenees while discovering some of Spain’s best-kept secrets in a place you will fall in love with.