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Salvelinus crafts the most exclusive private tours across northeastern Spain for the savviest travelers. Unique journeys singularly designed by English-speaking Guides and Travel Designers for all types of adventurers, so that everyone can truly enjoy the same holiday at the same time. There is nothing like it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to arrive?

You do not need a car for this trip. Salvelinus can arrange a car transfer from Barcelona or Madrid airport and Zaragoza or Lleida high-speed train stations. All daily transfers are also included in your package.

When is the best time for a Salvelinus experience?

The climate in the northeast of Spain is generally pleasant, but temperature mainly depends on the altitude. For fishing trips, the best dates range from the end of March to the beginning of November, except for the first three weeks of August. If you are looking for dry fly, come from early Spring or Summer to early Fall. For wine tours and multi-activity programs, from May to mid-July and from the beginning of September to the beginning of November, are the most pleasant periods. For heli-activities, the most recommendable months are July, August, and September.

Should I bring gear?

Salvelinus offers a complementary wide range of top-quality equipment and accessories for fly fishing and any guided MTB or kayaking activities.

What if I've never fished before or need to improve my technique?

Many guests are casual or novice anglers, and our guides all enjoy sharing their passion for fishing with first-timers. Salvelinus also offers fly fishing learning programs at the Zebra Trout Fly Fishing School. Send us a note when making your reservation and Salvelinus will add a customized learning program to your fly fishing trip.

Is there internet access?

There is internet access in all accommodations included in Salvelinus’ programs.

What is included in my trip?

Salvelinus offers all-inclusive first class travel. Once you begin your Salvelinus journey, you would not have to worry about anything. Transfers, full board accommodation, food, drinks, guided activities, permits, licenses and equipment, everything, but your plane tickets, is included on your trip.

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Salvelinus partners with the best agent worldwide, those who share Salvelinus’ standards vision, and passion.

2018 International Destination of the Year

“A trip with Salvelinus is a unique experience that takes the charm and history of the Pyrenees culture of excellent food, wine and enhances it with exceptional fly-fishing opportunities.” Jeremy Kehrein, Sporting travel Program Manager

A travel tradition since 1969

“Salvelinus has a passion for the fisheries, history, wine and culinary tastes of Spain — looking after our clients with care and professionalism”—Mike Fitzgerald, President Frontiers

Your Guide to the Best Fishing Destinations

“We love working with Salvelinus because of their extraordinary attention to detail. This is the only company in Spain that we would ever work with.”—Richard French, Owner-Manager

Fishing Travel Specialist

“Exceptional service in extraordinary surroundings. Salvelinus offers Trout and Barbel fishing in amazing locations, just a short flight from anywhere in Europe,”—J. Maxwell Stuart, Owner-Manager

World’s finest fishing Lodges

“Iván and his crew at Salvelinus set a standard of excellence and professionals rarely found in the industry.”—Brian Gies, Director of Travel Operations

Specialist in fishing holidays

“Salvelinus offer exceptional fishing, food, wine and service in a beautiful setting much enjoyed by our clients.”—Maggie Smit, Managing Director

Angling adventures, global destinations

“Salvelinus provide us with the finest wild trout fly fishing in the Pyrenees with beautiful water and five star guiding.”—Gilly Gate, UK Fishing Director

Fly Fishing & Shooting

“Farlows Travel is excited to work with Salvelinus, offering clients the opportunity to sample some of Spain’s best fly fishing and hospitality.”—Roderic Hall, Manager Farlows Travel

Global Fly Fishing destinations

“Salvelinus provides a genuinely, one of a kind fly fishing experience for trout in the heart of the Pyrenees Mountains, one of Europe's most scenic and rugged ranges, an absolute must for the well traveled angler.”—Dave McCoy, Owner-GM-Travel Manager

Tailor-made private journeys

Experience northeastern Spain at your own pace, as far as you want, with family, friends, or solo. Salvelinus' repeat travelers have celebrated and supported for 20 years this unique way of traveling.

Trips to the Pyrenees are usually quite logistically challenging, especially if there are non-anglers in the group and or you are doing more than one location on your Spanish holiday. These kinds of logistically complex trips are no problem at all for Salvelinus.

Richard FrenchCEO Slipstream Angling WorldWide. Toronto, CANADA

Another wonderful feature of the experience at Salvelinus is that everything is included in the price, including all meals and drinks, including local wines with lunch and dinner. The only extra is a gratuity for the guides and staff.

Stuart MathNY, USA

Good company - culture – food –and fishing (“CCFF-top”) that is a wonderful combination (not necessarily in this order … )

Paul und Susanna KomminothZürich, Switzerland

Salvelinus curates and plans with impeccable attention to detail

No preset-dates or fixed itineraries. Salvelinus’ dedicated team of expert planners are on hand to deliver exceptional, seamless and personalized experiences and events always in search of the most in-depth and exclusive traits.