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Humble Specialists Sharing their Passions


For over twenty years, Iván Tarín has cultivated a welcoming staff rarely found in the industry in terms of experience and dedication. The head guide, Aleix, started guiding in 2002 in Coyhaique, Chile; he has over thirty years of experience fly fishing the Pyrenees, and managing teams. The emeritus guide, Ramón, keeps mentoring other guides based on everything he learned in his life as first fly fishing guide in the Spanish Pyrenees, and Maria José probably has the deepest career studying the history, art, and traditions of this region. The whole team along with Serge, the most senior fishing guide with 35+ years of guiding experience, are passionate about serving the best Pyrenees adventures for Salvelinus guests.

Ivan T.
Founder of Salvelinus & Fly Fishing Guide

Great and honest entrepreneur, he has surrounded himself with an exceptional team, which he passionately coordinates. He has dedicated his life to fly fishing, to study the best way to guide, and host anglers off all skill levels. Through his three decades of exploring and leading avid anglers, first in the Pyrenees and later Patagonia, he has earned a loyal clientele, which has made Salvelinus an international reference.

“I feel fortunate to work with a team of good hearted people, proud to be part of Salvelinus and, in whom I can blindly trust”

Aleix M.
Head Fishing Guide

Aleix grew up in the rivers of the Catalan Pyrenees, where he has been fishing for more than 40 years; his passion for fishing and the challenges, has led him to work as a fly fishing guide first in Patagonia and then in the Pyrenees since 2002. Hard working and experienced, simple and humble, he is an extremely respected guide beloved by everybody. He holds a great knowledge of the territory and the technique and loves targeting trophies, tying dry flies, and being isolated when fly fishing.

“Fly fishing with Salvelinus is the culmination to my fly fishing career. It can’t get any better”

María José G.
Travel Coordinator & Tour Guide

María José has a long trajectory studying the history, art and traditions of the Pyrenees. She was born in a small village in the heart of the Somontano de Barbastro, wine region, and began her career as a local guide in 2004. Her passion for wine culture, has led her to cultivate her own vineyard, and to coordinate the wine tours of Salvelinus in the Pyrenees. With great organizational skills and excellent knowledge of the territory, she is a key part of the Salvelinus team.

Salvelinus adds value to my knowledge and my ancestors’ heritage

Alberto B.
Fly Fishing Guide

Alberto’s 30 years of fly fishing memories are filled with mountains, rivers, and sleepless nights waiting to see what fishing spot he was going to find. With an open and cheerful character, Alberto is a great host of ceremonies and he is part of the soul of Salvelinus since 1999. He teaches fly fishing clinics and happily guides any fishermen. Being a fishing guide allows him to be a thousand fly fishers at once. He loves learning something new on the water every day.

“The first time Iván and I went fly fishing was in 1989, we’ve done it a million times, and it’s always different”

Pierre A.
Fly Fishing Guide

Since childhood, Pierre has spent much of his time fishing in the hundreds of rivers that flow in the Pyrenees. Committed to doing a great job, he is always thinking about patterns and techniques. As someone with initiative and foresight, he always plans ahead and is a great teammate.
He is always very attentive ensuring that everything works smoothly and goes to plan.
He sees his job as one of constant improvement. His faith in his fly fishing ability allows him to adapt to each angler, and he usually ends his days, happy, satisfied, and with some great shots, to remember!

“Being part of Salvelinus is a dream come true where I live my dream-passion daily”

José Manuel T.
Fly Fishing Guide

José Manuel bought his first fly fishing rod almost thirty years ago and, from his home in the mountains, he has never stopped fishing in Pyrenean waters since then.  He obtained his Fly Fishing Guide Certification from Gabriela Mistral University of Puerto Varas in Chile in 2004 while he worked as a Fly Fishing Guide in Patagonia. Friendly and very social, he loves dry fly fishing in remote areas, and feels fulfilled guiding and helping other anglers to improve their casting and fishing techniques.

“Besides from guiding, what I love the most is fly fishing with Iván”

Ramon L.
Fly Fishing Guide Emeritus

No remote Pyrenean corner escapes Ramón Leciñena, not only as the first Fly Fishing Guide in the Spanish Pyrenees but also as a very beloved person on both sides of the mountain range. A tireless explorer, passionate mushroom picker, and tremendous connoisseur of the flora and fauna, Ramón also dedicated body and soul to fly fishing since the 1970s. Although he is professionally retired as a guide, he keeps exploring and mentoring the Salvelinus guides.

“It’s like being part of a group of friends, we share objectives, experiences and great satisfaction”

Serge V.
Fly Fishing Guide

Serge approaches fly fishing as an observation of grace and tranquility wrapped on a deep respect for nature and the fish. He is one of the first Fly Fishing Guides in the French Pyrenees, with a refined knowledge of the technique and a long professional career in multiple European countries. He loves sharing his dry fly passion and his over 50-year of experience, combining fly fishing, the mountains, the gastronomy and wines from the Pyrenees.

“Sharing my knowledge empowers other fishers; you can see in their eyes they are better anglers”

Terrence Z.
Fly Fishing Guide

Originally from an island off the coast of Southeast Asia, Terrence spent the first part of his life chasing saltwater species on the fly before moving on to trout in the West. He is a perfectionist whose eagerness to improve not only makes him a great angler but also a fun guide to share your fishing adventure with. To him, being a Fly-Fishing Guide is the most perfect job because it is a combination of everything he enjoys in life: science, sport, teaching, spending time in nature, and the thrill of the catch as a result of working hard. He is also an excellent fly-tyer!

“An active lifestyle, interacting with people, continuous learning, and fly fishing. Salvelinus has it all!”

Singular service with insider opportunities


The team of the 2018 Orvis Endorsed International Destination of the Year portray the essence of Northern Spain, the Pyrenees, and company philosophy. A genuine collective offering their best versions and whose whole lives are ingrained to this magnificent territory.

“Good people will do what they find honorable to do, even if it requires hard work”

Despite the differences in their backgrounds, the team shares the common effort to spread their lifetime passions, and the respect for a territory you will fall in love with.

Lur S.
Tour Guide & Therapist

Born in a small village of 10 inhabitants in the Pyrenees where she grew up surrounded by nature. She is a Yoga teacher, as well as an expert in Reiki, dietetics and nutrition. With a tremendous respect for Nature, she is a very versatile person with a very unique way of facing her guided journeys. In addition to being a sensational therapist, her serenity, depth as a person, and ease of treatment, make her a very valuable and beloved guide for the team

“I love sharing in nature where nothing and everything is perfect”

Judith M.
Tour Guide & Botanist

Judith holds a Degree in Biology with a Postgraduate in Ecotourism. With over fifteen years of experience as a Tour Guide and in National Parks, Judith is a recognized expert in flora and fauna of the Pyrenees. She has developed several tourist initiatives such as the Vall de Boí Romanesque route by foot  Her patient character, ease of treatment, and great knowledge of nature, make her a highly valued guide.

“Nothing comforts me like exceeding our guests’ expectations”

Francisco B.
Mountain Guide & Biologist

UIMLA-AEGM mountain guide, in the last 20 years has focused on environmental education and mountain sports. Pirri, as he is known by his friends, is happy to share his territory and his passion for the mountains with those who want to live new sensations in places outside the conventional circuits.

“I really like hiking and sharing great moments in my favorite and most remote places in the Pyrenees”

Xavi B.
Kayak Instructor

Xavi is a pioneer kayaking in the Pyrenees. He started cruising local waters in 1999, and since then, he had become an avid conservationist. If you want to paddle on the most recondite waters of the Pyrenees or just want to start kayaking with the right technique, Xavi will help you.

“Working with Salvelinus is a constant challenge in search of excellencet”

Sergi G.
Heli Specialist

As head of hiking and heli-flyouts, Sergi is a world-renowned expert in the field with over 15 years of experience in heli adventures around Kamchatka, Kaçakar, and the Pyrenees, where he lives. Always focused on safety, Sergi delights guests through unforgettable experiences that enrich at once the body and soul.

“We love sharing our passion, the mountain, with Salvelinus’ guests”

Ana Laura T.

Ana has two decades of experience in different therapies such as Naturopathy, Therapeutic Massage, Sports, Relaxing, Aromatherapy, Reiki, Mindfulness and Yoga, she will help you relax and regain strength to continue enjoying your journey.

“In Salvelinus, we all work together to give our best to our guests”