Iván Tarín


Singular Service with Insider Opportunities

Guiding, at its essence, is a selfless endeavor geared to the happiness of his guests. But for Iván, the life motive is being on the water, guiding and finding the perfect drift. The climax, that final piece, is connecting with Nature through a fly line.

“Complete serenity and mystery reign around fly-fishing in Spain. Each day is different, and it is an exciting challenge to be shared with anglers from all over the World.” – Iván Tarín

In 1999, Iván became the first full-time Fly-Fishing Guide in Spain. In 2001, he opened the very first only fly-fishing lodge in Europe with mandatory catch & release. Over time, he realized that a healthy atmosphere separates an average trip from a trip of a lifetime. Which is why he spent years assembling the combination of a sincere and good-hearted team, one that has been praised by many well-known anglers, magazines and travel agencies.

This, along with his innate will for discovering places where others cannot reach, became the backbone of the company we now know as SALVELINUS, in a territory intrinsically linked to him since he was a child.

To this day, Iván continues to develop top-notch fly fishing adventures and has inspired many with his humble approach, charismatic devotion to the sport, and a natural way to share a lifetime of knowledge in the easiest way possible. To him, happy guests make all his efforts worth it.

Fly Fish where others can´t reach

Iván and his team are constantly looking for new waters to share with their guests.