Iván Tarín


Fly Fishing with Iván


Guiding, at its essence, is a selfless endeavor geared to the happiness of his guests. But for Iván, the rush is being on the water, guiding and finding the perfect spot. The climax, that final piece, is connecting with the targeted fish. He cannot live without that rush. For Iván, complete serenity and mystery reign around the Pyrenees fly fishing. Each day is different, and it is an exciting challenge to share with passionate anglers from all over the world.

Authentic Adventures in the Secret Spain

Iván has always known that the guide makes the difference between an average trip and a trip of a lifetime. After years leading groups, he realized that he just wanted to be working with sincere, good-hearted, cheerful guides. A healthy atmosphere makes all the difference. Iván has been working with the same staff for years, praised by many well-known professional anglers as one of the World´s finest team of guides.

Guided by a recurring dream where he found a secret spot filled with trout every night, Iván Tarín turned a lifetime passion into his profession, becoming the first full-time Fly Fishing Guide in Spain in 1999. Since then he has been working on fly fishing adventures and schools, in a territory where he is intrinsically linked since he was a child.

His drive for pursuing fish is rivaled only by his enthusiasm for teaching the art of fly fishing. As much as he loves guiding the veterans into big, wary fish, he equally enjoys teaching newcomers the pleasure of casting, and reading the stream.

His humble approach, charismatic devotion to the sport, and a natural way to share a lifetime of knowledge in the easiest way possible are utterly inspiring. For Iván all efforts are worth it when pleasing those who choose Salvelinus

Fly fish where others can´t reach

Iván´s innate will for discovering places where others cannot reach has pushed him to scout not only the entire Pyrenees but also some of the most remote regions of Patagonia. Iván is constantly looking for the ultimate fly fishing itinerary to share with  serious anglers looking to get the most out of their time on the water.