Cultural Heritage


Dream on Living in Another Era

There is plenty of cultural beauty to discover across Spain where our cities, bursting with culture, are steeped in ancient history and vibrant charm. Salvelinus will show you beautifully aged architecture dating back to prehistoric times, monasteries, castles, Romanesque jewels, and plenty of UNESCO sites. Northern Spain’s architecture is equally as inviting as its history – do not miss a cultural experience along the Way of Saint James, a guided tour of ancient Pyrenean villages, or the stunning architecture of Zaragoza.

A UNESCO beloved region praised for its natural elegance

Emerge in a Salvelinus’ destination as if you were in a fairy tale and discover scenic cultural routes along the Pyrenees, the Ebro River and through its lush valleys, green woodlands, and Medieval villages.


After the fall of the Western Roman Empire, the continent is reborn. During the tenth century, Master-architects arrived in Spain from Lombardy. They bring construction techniques to build churches and towers that will remain intact for centuries in villages such as Roda de Isábena. The Romanesque art dresses the eastern part of Salvelinus’ territory. To the west, another style is born around the Way of Saint James, with the city of Jaca as its starting point.


The Medieval beauty of Aragón brings you to another era. Stone-built medieval villages such as Alquézar, and towns still extraordinarily preserved. Salvelinus will show you how life was in the Middle Ages. Vestiges of the guilds of the time, taverns, and monasteries from where political strategies were devised. In some places, there are still medieval markets where ancient dances, games, food stalls, and songs take place.

Monasteries & Castles

Pilgrims cross the north of the peninsula to find the resting place of the apostle. Multiple paths that bring this spiritual journey to all of Europe converge in the same art and architecture. Temples welcome with their architectural simplicity the principles of Christianity. Romanesque is the code; piety and introspection is the attitude.

Ancient Villages

Elevated in small hills or hanging on impossible cliffs, a town square, a church. Around it, life makes its way. Corners and openings designed for people, animals, and carriages, not vehicles. Ideal places to explore on foot. Magical elements in the entryways remind us that the worst thing that could happen to the house was the lack of offspring. Sites that still run at a different pace.

Historical Towns

Cesaraugusta. Saraqusta. Zaragoza. The city embraced by the mighty Ebro River. Among the five main cities of Spain today in terms of population and logistics. Its cultural legacy overflows the streets: Roman, Arabic, and Christian heritage intermingled. A lively and vibrant city, fully open to visitors. Enjoy a delicious tapas route across the old town’s narrow streets.

Food & Wine

From mountain hideaways or hidden resorts to historical cities to finally finding Salvelinus’ favorite vineyards, tastings, and wineries. Savor traditional meals in ancient venues, enjoy organic recipes in traditional eateries, visit the Pyrenean cellars, enjoy a wine tasting stroll through the vineyards and discover the quality and uniqueness of Spanish wines.

El Valle del Ebro


All the Pyrenees rivers system flow into the Ebro river, the backbone of Northern Spain. An unique verdant highway through Spanish history, flowing from West to East into the Mediterranean sea, close by Priorat and Barcelona. This extensive land of plenty also includes La Rioja, Basque Country, and Zaragoza, the Ebro´s capital.