Heli Fly-Outs


March 1st to November 30th


The Pyrenees mountains, straddled between Spain and France in an area of over 20,000 square miles, are totally different when you witness them from a great height. You will be with well-known heli guides on board AS 350 B3, a light multipurpose helicopter offering great performances for high altitude operations. Discover a magnificent cultural heritage surrounded by breathtaking scenery, and for those in search of a dream adventure, Salvelinus reaches into the most remote areas of the Pyrenees for easy walking tours, hiking, or snowshoeing. Hop on!


All Yours
Heli-sightseeing & Heli-adventuring

Secret Spain
Fly over untamed nature and heritage

Safe Passage
Proven pilots, heli-guides, & sat phones

Delve into The Unspoilt Pyrenees


The ultimate way to experience the Spanish Pyrenees’ natural wonders. Soar in solitude along the winding path of the Pyrenees into snowy mountains, remote valleys, glacial lakes, abandoned villages, monasteries, and castles.

From helicopter rides and fly outs to fully customized heli weeks, you will find a complete range of possibilities with Salvelinus.

Heli-Adventure: hiking and snowshoeing for all levels

Heli-Sightseeing: helicopter rides, wine, and gourmet

Real People, Unique Experiences

I would say it one was experiencing the incredible beauty of flying into a mountain lake and our being the only people, my husband, me and your guide, a true nature experience that is hard to find in our busy world.

A high altitude flight rising up to sheer mountain cliffs to precipitous canyons to the gin-clear lakes waiting on the horizon of the earth at 12,000 plus feet. The terrain was some of the most beautiful on the planet.

The pilot and everybody made sure that our experience was over the top! Our heli guide Sergi, adjusted the itinerary to our level and pace. It was truly a unique adventure among stunning hidden valleys!