Mediterranean Priorat


Priorat, Montsant, & the Mediterranean Sea


Nothing but sun and soil matters in Priorat for the intense, full-bodied red wines that have recently shot to fame. A dynamic wine region framed by the Ebro river and the Mediterranean Sea where you can feel time stopped 50 years ago. Explore breathtaking terraced vineyards, imposing towns, and winding roads that make way for grape and olive groves. Enjoy cozy wineries tucked away in historic villages such as Porrera or Gratallops with creative and traditional cuisine. Admire the beautiful landscapes while you privately taste some of the most prestigious wines in the world with some of its pioneers.


Rugged Tradition
Superior wines and legacy

Local culinary masterpieces

Extra Mile
24/7 service, 100% private

40 Family Owned Wineries & Striking Terraced Vineyards


Combine a la carte winery visits and stellar wines, with gastronomic treasures from the Mediterranean such as the Dorada or the extra virgin olive oil.

The area is something of a farm-to-table culinary hotspot where to find all kinds of fresh produce in the region’s excellent eateries.

A 12th-century wine production reaching its glory today

Contrasting terroirs and rich history of winemaking dating back to the 12th century when the Carthusian Order established the Scala Dei Monastery and planted vineyards.


Priorat DOQ is one of Spain’s greatest vineyard areas, a rocky, sparsely populated mountain stronghold of teetering hilltop villages and plunging valleys. Most of the vines are planted in hillside vineyards called costers, which forced to develop precision agriculture based on quality. The region, punished by plagues and the economic crisis after the civil war, has a unique terroir, llicorella, a porous schist rich in iron. At the beginning of the 80s, a small group of pioneers recovered old vines and planted varieties brought from France, a humble origin still appreciated. Classic red wines are made based on Garnacha and Cariñena masterly mixed with Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Merlot resulting in full-bodied garnet colored wines, with unique flavor complexity and the characteristic mineral notes. Priorat’s white wines are increasingly surprising, based on Garnacha Blanca and Macabeo, mixed with Pedro Ximénez or Chenin Blanc Viognier.


Montsant DO surrounds the Priorat DOQ like an open bangle. With less fierce growing conditions, its wines share some of the energy and otherness of its near-encircled neighbor. The DO’s origin dates of 2001 and its growth has been spectacular both in figures and in prestige. In Montsant important cooperatives in municipalities such as Capçanes or Mas Roig are mixed with small family wineries. Slopes and hills are mainly cultivated with Garnacha, Cariñena, and Macabeo sharing space with almond trees, olive trees, and pine trees reaching the Ebro river banks. Mainly renowned for its red wines produced by the superb old-vine plantings of Garnacha and the ever-rising standards of the top winemakers means that Montsant wines are finally making their mark with the world’s wine connoisseurs. White wines are scarce but surprising and worth discovering. So whether you are after fruity, approachable reds or wines of greater complexity and elegance, you will not find a better place to start looking in Spain than in the vineyards of Montsant.

A la Carte Private Itinerary


  • Day One - The Origins of Priorat

    Chauffeured service to El Retiro Hotel
    Priorat pioneers’ insights and wine tasting session
    Mediterranean market menu with organic wines
    Overnight in El Retiro boutique hotel

  • Day Two - Priorat and Montsant

    The perfect Priorat terroir and open air lunch
    Secret olive oil and wine tasting sessions
    Farewell tasting menu with genuine wines
    Overnight in El Retiro boutique hotel

  • Day Three – Departure

    Chauffeured service to your next location

All Included, Fully Guided, 24/7 Chauffeured


  • Chauffeured service according to itinerary

  • Accommodation in El Retiro Hotel

  • Meals, tapas, drinks, and premier wine

  • Private gastro experiences and wine pairings

  • Private winery visits and wine tasting sessions

  • Guided cultural tours and entrance fees

A land of rural hospitality and a passion for local produce

While the rest of the Western world was moving away from traditional agriculture and farming, in Priorat they made do with what they grew or trade, thus creating a local gastronomy based on greens, cod, eggs, chicken, and pastry. Nothing is wasted, and any natural bounty is treasured as it ripens.