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La Rioja & Basque Country


A region where grapes have been produced since Phoenician times, home of some of the most stunning and prestigious wineries in the world, there is much more than wine. Crafted with firsthand knowledge of every corner of La Rioja, Salvelinus invites you to discover millenary architecture, delve into ancient vineyards in the evergreen Ebro Valley, try Logroño’s tapas, or dine at recondite Sociedad Gastronómica in San Sebastián. Whatever you choose, do spare some time for daily life in world renowned wineries, extraordinary cellars, and private wine tastings for some of Spain’s best wines.


1925´s DOCa
Century-old wineries’ collection

Exquisite Taste
Award-winning cuisine & wine

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24/7 service, 100% private

World Renowned Wines & Ancestral Cultures


Descend into the subterranean culture of wine visiting a Calado, enjoy haute cuisine with a private chef, or attend a vertical wine tasting by the Ebro River.

Ancient Spanish villages, centuries of grape-growing history, and a selection of the most exclusive wineries producing a wide variety of full-bodied reds make visiting La Rioja with Salvelinus a luxurious experience for all wine lovers. La Rioja vineyards extend on both sides of the Ebro river along La Rioja, Basque Country and Navarra which gives rise to three wine sub-areas: Rioja Alta, Rioja Alavesa, and Rioja Oriental. In Salvelinus’ guided private and fully customizable tours, gastronomy, culture, and history go hand in hand. You will fall in love with the region and its people, and will leave scheming on how to find your way back.

And later, discover the local history full of color, battles, and legends in a walking tour through medieval villages, castles, and monasteries and a millenary culture.

Reserva, and Gran Reserva aged in oak barrels

And later, discover the local history full of color, battles, and legends in a walking tour through medieval villages, castles, and monasteries and a millenary culture.

Rioja Alta

Located in the westernmost region, its wines are timeless, elegant and balanced, with red fruit nuances and the fine details of oak aging. Barrio de la Estación in Haro is home to the world’s largest concentration of centenarian wineries in the world. Learn the local wine history touring with Salvelinus some of the region’s must-sees such as Briones, San Vicente de la Sonrierra, or Santo Domingo de la Calzada.

Rioja Alavesa

Vineyards are located on the north side of the Ebro river, south of the province of Álava in the Basque Country. With a transitional climate between the Atlantic Rioja Alta and the Mediterranean Rioja Oriental, this land produces aromatic, tasty, and fruity wines, ideal to discover visiting “calados” (underground caves) that run through the subways of historical towns such as La Guardia, El Ciego, or Samaniego.

Rioja Oriental

Rioja Oriental’s vineyards are located on both banks of the Ebro river, between La Rioja and Navarra. The influence of the Mediterranean promotes a dry and hot climate, resulting in wines with tonnes of character, intense colors, and full body. Grenache finds the perfect conditions to express itself in this land, where excellent winemaking is shared with remarkable orchard produce such as peppers, asparagus, and artichokes, as well as excellent olive oil.

Basque Country

An autonomous region of Spain with deep-rooted ancestral culture internationally known for its haute cuisine, Michelin-starred restaurants, and pintxos. The coastal city of San Sebastian and the modern and renewed Bilbao are must-sees. The south of the province of Álava shares its territory with the Ebro valley whose vineyards are part of Rioja Alavesa.


A land of contrasts, the Pyrenees mountains, lush beech woods, the semi-desert of Bárdenas Reales, the prolific orchard of the Ebro river, and a distinct wine region where the rosés stand out. The old Kingdom of Navarre has a rich cultural and historical legacy, including the Way of Saint James, the Castle of Olite, and the San Fermín festivities in Pamplona that enamored Hemingway.

A la Carte Private Itinerary


  • Day One - Welcome to La Rioja
    Secrets of a Wine Capital

    Chauffeured service to Hotel del Vino
    Tapas tour through the Way of Saint James in Logroño
    Grandes Reservas at an iconic winery castle
    Overnight in La Rioja – Hotel del Vino

  • Day Two – El Barrio de la Estación
    La Rioja Alta

    The world’s biggest concentration of century old wineries
    Local barbecue on the way to a cozy medieval village
    Centenarian traditions from underground cellars
    Overnight in La Rioja – Hotel del Vino

  • Day Three – Mythical Terroirs & Calados La Rioja Alavesa

    Salvelinus´ favorite terroir by the Ebro River
    Open air brunch in the vineyards
    Stellar Wines of La Rioja tasting in an intimate Calado
    Overnight in La Rioja – Hotel del Vino

  • Day Four – Legends of San Sebastián Basque Country

    Gurutze walking culture tour
    Pintxos Tour in the Old Town
    From the market to the Sociedad Gastronómica
    Overnight in San Sebastián – La Villa

  • Day Five – Two Faces of Bilbao
    Basque Country

    Guggenheim Museum and guided walking tour
    Exploring the last Basque fishing ports
    Michelin-starred Gastro Experience
    Overnight in San Sebastián – La Villa

  • Day Six – Departure

    Chauffeured service to your next destination

All Included, Fully Guided, 24/7 Chauffeured


  • Chauffeured service according to itinerary

  • Accommodation in La Villa and Hotel del Vino

  • All meals, tapas, drinks, and premier wine

  • Private gastro experiences and wine pairings

  • Private winery visits and wine tasting sessions

  • Guided cultural tours and entrance fees

A land of plenty as unique as you are

La Rioja is known for being full of life, pride, and passion for the local food and wine.