The Ebro Valley

Enjoy a Salvelinus tailored adventure in the Ebro Valley

Ranging from the Bay of Biscay to the Mediterranean sea, the Ebro and its tributaries carved out a fertile land across the northeast of Spain. The area was peacefully inhabited by Muslims, Jews, and Christians for centuries, who left an impressive cultural and architectural legacy throughout the whole Ebro Valley that you can now discover with Salvelinus. Adventure among the mountains and valleys or relax with a private tasting of Spain's best tapas and wines and every day will be a journey of wonders.

Northern Spain

Soak up in sunshine from the magnificent landscapes or northern Spain

For those who want to live the genuine Spanish lifestyle, enjoy our cultural heritage, taste the local gastronomy, and superb local wines, Salvelinus has designed a unique experience along the Ebro Valley to inspire you and satisfy your desire for an unforgettable travel experience. Here is your place in the sun.


A surprisingly lush landscape across the Ebro delta and valley where fertile crops and gardens contrast with the mountainous greenery of the Pyrenees to the north.


Pilgrims walked the historic Ebro route from the Mediterranean ports to enter the French Way of Saint James that traverses Salvelinus’ territories in Aragón, La Rioja, and Navarra in its way to Galicia.


The Ebro Valley has excellent conditions to maintain a fertile orchard. Asparagus, artichokes, and peppers among other vegetables, are used by local chefs to prepare delightful dishes.


Salvelinus’ territory along the Ebro basin gathers renowned wine regions including La Rioja and Priorat, as well as the Ebro Valley dotted by grenache-expert wineries as emblematic as the land itself.

The Ebro Valley

Let yourself go by the most fertile river basin in the Iberian peninsula

With 928 km (576 mi) in length and a drainage basin of 85,550 sq km (33,031 sq mi), the Ebro flows on screened by a realm of tall trees. For centuries, the river was the main commerce route in the region, fought over by Celtiberians, Romans, Visigoths, and Muslims. Later, it became a crucial battleground in the Spanish civil war, and nowadays, it provides half of Spain's hydroelectricity and enables farming in an otherwise dry region.

If you know where to meander, the Ebro valley is one of the few places in Europe where you can still enjoy a pristine landscape in solitude. With Salvelinus, you can experience these waters on foot, by kayak, or helicopter in a customized trip made to fit your specific needs. Come and share our love for the river and its vibrant environment both ecologically and historically.

Northern Spain

The Ebro Valley, a verdant highway through Spanish history

The Ebro river springs in Cantabria from where it rushes into rocky gorges through Castilla León. Flowing eastwards, it forms a more extensive river valley of limestone rocks when it reaches Navarre and La Rioja to later cross Aragón and Catalonia. There lays Salvelinus' region, where the climate becomes progressively warmer, filled with sunny days and clear skies.

The Ebro Valley Tour


Multi-Activity in Santa Cilia


Zaragoza & Grenache Kingdom Wine Tour


Salvelinus brings history alive amid calm waters and centenarian villages

Find a place where wildlife can outnumber humans, walk through secluded National Parks, visit UNESCO world heritage sites. And where water meets land, discover vibrant gastronomy, and the warmest hospitality in cities full of life like Logroño, Zaragoza and  Jaca. Salvelinus offers unbeatable blends of walking and hiking with other fun-filled activities such as cultural tours, gourmet and wine tastings, and more. While Salvelinus handles the logistics and the equipment, you will be able to explore and experience the Ebro Valley to the fullest.

Where sunny days extend into clear sky nights

Walk family-friendly routes through the Way of Saint James. Hike past waterfalls and breathtaking views. Kayak the peaceful waters of recondite rivers. Take it all in from charming hotel hideaways and let the Ebro Valley be the setting for an unforgettable vacation.

We also included a perspective of cultural and wine touring in our itinerary. This was hosted by Sara and María. Their knowledge, communication skills, and wit were a delight. We were shown sites that were of intense agro and viticultural interest in the Ebro Valley dating back to Celtic, Visigothic, Roman, Moorish and Euskadi influenced eras, then able to share the bounty of the fields on the table and in the glass. Many of the tastings were paired with gastronomic experiences created by incredibly devoted chefs. With this Tour, we were treated to surprises that far exceeded any anticipation.

Steve HyamsAK, USA

This is a beautiful part of the world, with castles and historic villages and sites. Salvelinus will tailor the trip around your interests. When you return home, you will have an adventure of a lifetime.

Toor KenwardNapa, CA, USA

Salvelinus' operation is one of the more unique, vastly appealing in every sense for those who enjoy a little adventure, extraordinary fishing in a region ripe with history, not to mention some fine wines and exceptional dining.

Marshall Miller and Claudia HuntingtonSan Antonio, Texas, USA

Salvelinus unveils exquisite farm-to-table cuisine and award-winning wines locally harvested

In the north of Spain, the pleasures are simple. And while ancient wineries, local artisans, and farm-to-table eateries are part of the daily scene, you will not have to hike, pedal, or paddle far to imagine you have landed in a secret place.